Exness bonus

In 2020, brokerage companies are always competing with each other. Every trade and every client is worth its weight in gold, so resources always invent new ways to attract traders. Exness deposit bonus is an offer, which allows to save money and create an account with the most favourable and comfortable conditions. 

Exness is the leader of Forex Market on the Internet, that is why the website attracts many professional traders. The resource was created in 2008. Since then, Exness has continuously been developing. A year ago, the leading trading platform MT4 was updated. The main activity on the exchange is now carried out in the innovative application MetaTrader 5. It provides the best conditions for statistics, registration and trading itself. Exness supports activities for large and small amounts of money. 

This article is aimed at new traders who are just beginning to learn how to trade and do not want to take risks during the first steps. Everything here is about the Exness bonus system. 

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Trading bonus for new users 

Reliable brokerage company Exness always tries to reduce spreads and offers its clients favourable conditions for trading. However, to achieve a 100% benefit, clients can use bonuses that help stabilize trading and analyze all modern markets better. The functionality of the Exness application is continuously evolving. MetaTrader 5 is already the best brokerage platform. 

It will be convenient for new clients of Exness to use several starting bonuses. To get them, you need to create an account and choose a specific type of deposit. The website supports four types of accounts. Their characteristics are different. CENT is the right choice for Forex Market, but Mini is suitable for beginners without extensive experience. You need this information to be able to use it: 

- Country;

- Password;

- E-mail. 

In some regions, the exchange is not available. Exness Indonesia started only last year because the broker works officially and follows the laws of every country in the world. To avoid breaking the law, the company gets a trading license. Sometimes this process is very time-consuming.

Also, in some European countries, trading is unpopular, so the administration of Exness does not see sense to create new branches. But standard bonuses are available to all users without exception. 

The main and the best Exness bonus to get the technical advantage is VPS hosting. It is available only in this brokerage company. The bonus is that traders do not depend on the internet speed or internal website updates. Each client has its trading network, so the total ping on activity never rises above 1.25 MC. To activate private VPS-hosting, the initial deposit of the user must exceed $500. 

One more great bonus - is no fees Exness traders do not pay extra money for financial operations, even if the money needs to be converted into local currency. This offer became available in early 2020. Before that, the commission was quite high. Now clients save hundreds of dollars on trading. The new bonus gets the best reviews. Broker Exness provides access to price history. With the help of analytics, traders can track past fees and benefit from this bonus. 

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Holidays bonuses by Exness 

The central policy of Exness is not only about trading, but also about providing comfortable working conditions during holidays and weekends when the traffic of the website exceeds the standard level. Therefore, the resource regularly offers new bonuses for significant official holidays, festivals and sporting events. Such loyalty programs can be regional and international. Conditions of participation and promised gifts are always different, so you need to track your broker privately. 

In order not to miss updates on Forex, retail or other areas, traders can download the application to their phone and enable notifications. The resource will notify you of new offers in the future.